martedì, ottobre 05, 2004

Babsie and kids on the ocean

Barbara went on a trip yesterday, there was the "chowder fest", a place where they eat so called "clams". For italian readers clams are some kind of "molluschi", probably similar to big "vongole" or "capesante" or even "fasolari". I was curious to see the clams and how they cook them but Barbara did not picture it. Anyway, the place looks nice and here are some pictures she sent me:

Elyssa and Tyler, the two younger kids.

Elyssa alone

Barbara with Tyler

Now, Barbara has got other two sons who did not come to the chowder fest, so i will post another picture from a trip to Disneyland. Markie is the oldest, the the one with the black shirt and the beautiful terminator-like smile, Kyle wears the grey shirt.

Mark and Kyle at Disneyland

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