mercoledì, ottobre 13, 2004

Internet Explorer colpisce ancora

W3C Objects, Images, Applets
HTML 4 introduces the OBJECT element, which offers an all-purpose solution to generic object inclusion. The OBJECT element allows HTML authors to specify everything required by an object for its presentation by a user agent: source code, initial values, and run-time data. In this specification, the term "object" is used to describe the things that people want to place in HTML documents; other commonly used terms for these things are: applets, plug-ins, media handlers, etc.
But, unfortunately...
Sadly IE/win's handling of is severely broken. It treats all elements as ActiveX objects - if you insert a simple image using and set ActiveX to prompt, this will demonstrate that. It will eventually display the image, but will behave more like you inserted an iframe - complete with padding and scrollbars. You also can't scale the image.It is a major, major bug - and is preventing sites from being more accessible.

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