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Mission accomplished - Firefox at MS Conference

Nota per il lettore che non ha familiarita' con l'inglese:
Questo losco figuro e' il mio amico Simone, che tra l'altro in teoria dovrebbe essere tra i contributors di questo blog. Abbiamo lavorato insieme per diversi anni. Orbene, colto da smodata passione per Firefox ha pensato di seminare zizzania ad una conference di Microsoft, arrivando con la maglietta che vedete sotto. Felice anche di non essere stato bastonato dalla security, al suo ritorno dalla missione suicida ha scritto la cronaca che vi riporto, pubblicata sul sito
Spreading Firefox
As announced yesterday, today I went to the MS Conference in Milan, to learn more about ASP.NET aadvanced topics. And I wore the FF logo T-shirt: amazed reactions started from the beginning, at the reception, where the nice girls staret at me (well... better, at the FF logo in the middle of my T-Shirt). Then, moving around the other partecipants before the beginning of the event, I heard people pointing at me and then starting to comment about FireFox as soon as I passed. And then the conference: the room was dark (we were in a cinema, as u can see from this picture - on the screen, even if blurred, the "ASP.NET 1.x Best Practices" Event) so the T-Shirt was not noticed too much, but one of the speaker, during a speech on the adaptive rendering of ASP.NET that produces different HTML code based on the browser said:
"As you can see, this control is rendered with inline-styles with for IE, but, if you download Firefox, as the guy in third row (pointing at me), you can see that the framework renders old-style formatting like the font tag and so on... Anyway I suggest you to download Firefox not just for this test" :-)
Then, in a later speech, the speaker had Firefox in the quicklaunch bar of his XP...
And at the coffee break later in the afternoon, I saw other guys pointing at me saying "Look, this guy is wearing a FireFox T-Shirt" or something like this. I'm not sure everybody noticed the FireFox logo on my T-Shirt, but if, when the event finished, at least 10 people dowloaded and tried out Firefox, then I'll be happy.
- Simone on Spreading Firefox

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