sabato, ottobre 30, 2004

Teodorina Art Drawings and Paintings

Teodorina is one of those artists distinguished by their interesting outlook on the architectural surroundings. Her drawings are full of love, fondness and, it seems, nostalgia for a gone-by time that has left its mark on our contemporary world with its old houses huddled up among the tree leaves.
These are houses that surprise us with their peculiarity within the unified cityscape. Teodorina has the ability not only to notice them but also to find the way, through her pictures, to the 'soul' of each bilding, while turning the narrow cobbled streets into paths down which she reveals fractions of her perception of the world and her system of values.
In 1992, at a congress in Bucharest, Moravski said, "... there is no object, no expression, no technique - in short, the modern artist has nothing to do with what it all used to be." Well, Teodorina's works are the beautiful contradiction to this statement! They are a synthesis of architecture and art related in a way that is easy to understand and very appealing to the art lover. Her love for the cityscape is forcefully expressed in the pictures inspired by all her travels (and she does travel a lot).
She makes us aware of the beauty, the lifestyle and even the cultural heritage of the citizens of many European towns and cities - that beauty reaches us not through the lens of the camera but through the heart and the pen of an artist linking the past and the present with invisible 'bridges'. Looking at her pictures from Bulgaria and other countries, we remember how preposterous boundaries seem to be sometimes, and how close we can be to each other by communicating with Art a part of which we can see in Teodorina's works as well.
Written by Valentin Stoichev (graphic artist and teacher at the Art School in Lovech)
and Spas Dochev (sculptor and director of the art gallery in Lovech)

Web site: Teodorina Art Drawings and Paintings

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