martedì, luglio 18, 2017

Fedora 26, such a waste

I have tried Fedora 26 with its default Gnome DE.
It is a strange thing, it looks obvious people at Fedora aim to the most advanced Linux "workstation" possible and they have made any effort to polish Gnome as best as they could. In the same time, Fedora Gnome is almost useless for me.

When Gnome 3 was introduced users split in two parties, those who were happy to see Gnome moving forward from the old "desktop" paradigm and those who did not understand the need to impose a sort of "touchscreen" GUI over Personal Computers.

I think you can get used to moving through "pages" instead of "menus" and "desktop", despite ironically it makes some tasks a bit more complicated, like back and forth when you insist in doing more than one thing a time. It annoys me a lot but I can survive.

What kills Gnome in my opinion is the fact that without "advanced settings" that are available only when you install stuff like "utilities" and "extensions" on top of the default Gnome, it is way too simple, it lacks even the most basic options and features you expect from a... yes, a PC desktop. Using default Gnome looks like some "emergency" mode with regular features disabled. But no, it is not, it is a "vision" about how a "comfortable" DE must be, it does not bug you because it doesn't let you do anything, which is an extreme idea of "out of your way".

So with Fedora we have got this strange beast with the most technically advanced system hidden under a DE that doesn't want you to do anything but the most basic things, in the most basic ways and you must "hack" it to enforce some sort of "usability". It makes no sense at all, in my opinion.

Yes, there are "spins" of Fedora with other "traditional" DEs. But then, what is the point in using Fedora if you must rely on some "vanilla" DE which does not integrate all the Fedora's innovations and technicalities which are made for Gnome? In my opinion Debian and its derivatives are much more convenient.

I am using Ubuntu Mate on my cheap laptop now. There are glitches with themes because of the transition from GTK2 to GTK3 and the latter being a moving target thanks to Gnome folks. There is no way to see innovations like Wayland instead of X ported to Mate or any "minor" DE anytime soon, so here comes the usual issue with constant forking and waste of resources in the Linux world, plus the disruptive attitude from people who just do things their way regardless the consequences.

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