martedì, agosto 01, 2017

KDE another sad story

I have spent a day working on KDE Plasma 5, more precisely the Opensuse Tumbleweed version of it.

Not as useless as Gnome 3 on Fedora but just "meh". Tons of options you aren't going to use any time scattered all over the place, Plasma and Plasmoids, aka (almost) useless widgets, good GPU compositing on a plain boring and a bit naive theme with just one or two themes available by default, applications like "office suite", "graphics" and "browser" needs to be the GTK ones (Gimp, Firefox, Libreoffice, etc) for some reason or another but the worst thing ever is Akonadi, the kind of evil server with its database that gets invoked by KMail and then refuses to die and just sits there divided in 100 processes because it should serve any sort of other applications and "indexing" connected to the user "identity" across the system (if I got it correctly), doubling the RAM usage for literally nothing.

I remember when they dropped KDE 3 to start the "revolution" with KDE 4. Now with KDE 5 we are back pedaling but things are falling apart. I am back to MATE on Ubuntu with all its glitches, simply because, besides the GPU compositing, there is no real reason/advantage switching to KDE. Again, the amount of resources spent in reinventing the wheel is unbelievable.

On a side note when I let Opensuse resize Ubuntu's partition something went wrong because Ubuntu spit lots of errors afterwards. I had to boot in "emergency mode" and fix inconsistencies with "fschk". I don't know, it could be some issue with Ubuntu's own partition tool because it also failed some way with "LVM".

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